How to Plan a Wedding

Hi there! Just to give you a heads up, all information here are based on my experience as a soon-to-be-bride. I decided to create a blog to document our preparations and it would be an honor if somehow this blog would help you too in your preparations 🙂


Step 1: Pick a Wedding Date

When picking your wedding date, you might want to consider the important persons in your wedding day like for an instance if your parents are in abroad you have to make sure that by the time of your wedding present sila.

You also have to consider the weather. You don’t want to get married on a rainy day right? I’ll discuss about this best month to get married soon. 🙂

Step 2: Set Your Wedding Budget 

Setting the wedding budget is the very tricky part for us. We didn’t realize its importance hanggang sa ma-experience namin. hehe. It’s like “Yay! We’re getting married!” and I was like “Oh! I want this and this and that in our wedding!” and THAT became the problem.

In setting your wedding budget, you have to prioritize. Which is the most important to you?

1. Is it the wedding ceremony?
                  2. Is it the wedding reception?
3. Your wedding band (ring)?
4. Or your honeymoon?

All of these are important but you have to choose kung alin ang mas paglalaanan mo ng budget. Then divide your budget according to your wedding needs.

Just to give you an idea, here’s my list:

1. Church
2. Reception Venue
3. Caterer
4. Wedding Outfits
5. Wedding Band (Ring)
6. Flowers
7. Cake
8. Sounds and Lights
9. Souvenir
10. Program Facilitator and On the day Coordinators
11. Photo and Video Coverage
12. Hair and Make up
13. Invitations
14. Number of Guests

Tips: To save on budget you can always DIY! 🙂

When planning on wedding budget you also have to consider the number of guests you would like to invite. Just a tip if your on budget, invite only those people who matters to you.

Step 3: Choose Your Wedding Motif

Here comes the fun part. 🙂 Your wedding motif should match your wedding date. Do you want a Magical Garden motif for garden wedding or do you want to get married during sunset on the beach? There’s a lot of wedding ideas around the internet where you can find inspiration for your wedding. So go and have fun!

Step 4: Choose The Best People for Entourage

Choose the best people you want to be in your entourage. It could be your siblings, your best friend, or your h2b’s cousins. There’s no limit in choosing who will be part of your entourage. You just have to make sure that these persons are the closest to you so you can easily call them whenever you need their help in preparing for your wedding.
Step 5: Create a Wedding Planner
If you are planning the wedding yourself like me 🙂 you have to do this. List down all the details you needed for your wedding and bind it together to keep track of all the records and schedules.

For this, I bought a short sized binder then printed out all the necessary details and checklist that I need to do for our wedding.

Step 6: Process the Wedding Requirements

This will differ based on your location because sometimes some municipalities will require you to get additional documents aside from the basic wedding requirements.

Step 7: Stick to the Plan

Yeah! Stick to the plan!
You will surely do a lot of research about wedding ideas that will make your special day memorable. You will surely want to add this and that, it won’t be a problem if you have unlimited budget, but if not, oh boy you’re gonna be in trouble.

Wedding is just once in a lifetime event (unless you’re planning to get married again?) so make it memorable. It doesn’t have to be extravagant just to say that you got the wedding of your dreams. What important is your marrying the man/woman that you truly love.

Happy Wedding and Best Wishes to everyone!